How Wadix, Inc. Makes Ethical Decisions

How Wadix, Inc. Makes Ethical Decisions

Often when in the business world, there are situations that position you between a proverbial rock and a hard place and it seems like no decision you make will let you succeed. In these circumstances, Wadix, Inc. associates use a framework for making the right decisions. We recommend that you to use it too:

• Stick to Your Principles: Don’t lie, even if that seems like the easy option. Spend time thinking about what your principles are and then stick to them, because these difficult decisions are the ones that define your reputation in the long run. Also, remember to honor any responsibilities you may have legally or otherwise agreed to previously.

• Think Through the Problem: Instead of quickly shooting off a response to a problem, take the time you need to think through the situation. Wadix, Inc. team members have often found that issues will resolve themselves without the need for input.

• Develop a Strategy: When you take an opportunity to think about the issue, a third resolution may present itself. You can also call in outside experts who may be able to identify a solution that didn’t occur to you. The goal is to honor your principles and any agreements you may have while resolving an issue.

Most of the time when we’re faced with ethical decisions that are no-wins for us, we have the ability to step away and think about them for at least a few minutes. Read the Wadix, Inc. blog at to learn more about the way we approach business.